Work in Progress

Currency Matching by Non-Financial Corporations, with Péter Harasztosi. Submitted to a journal. WP version: JRC Working Papers in Economics and Finance, 2017/2

Labour Force Participation and Tax-Benefit Systems: A Cross-Country Comparative Perspective, with Kamil Galuščák. Submitted to a journal. WP version: Banque de France Working Paper No 536, 2015

Assessing the Economic and Social Impact of Tax and Transfer System Reforms: A General-Equilibrium Microsimulation Approach, with Péter Benczúr and Áron Kiss

Financial Cycles and Sustainable Growth, with Lisa Kerdelhue and Matthieu Lequien

Gains to Work Model of Labour Supply, with Péter Benczúr

Refereed journals

Do Firms Provide Wage Insurance Against Shocks?, 2016, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol. 118(1), pp. 105-128

Inter-Industry Wage Differentials in EU Countries: What Do Cross-Country Time Varying Data Add To The Picture?, 2010, with Philip Du Caju, Ana Lamo, Daphne Nicolitsas and Steven Poelhekke. Journal of the European Economic Association, MIT Press, vol. 8(2-3), pp. 478-486

Working papers and bulletin articles

Labour market modelling in the light of the financial crisis, 2016, with several co-authors. ECB Occasional Paper No 175

Income Taxation, Transfers and Labour Supply at the Extensive Margin, 2014, with Péter Benczúr, Áron Kiss and Olivér M. Rácz. Banque de France Working Paper No 487

Assessing Changes of the Hungarian Tax and Transfer System: A General Equilibrium Microsimulation Approach, 2012, with Péter Benczúr and Áron Kiss. MNB Working Paper 2012/7

Analysis of Changes in the Tax and Transfer System with a Behavioural Microsimulation Model, 2011, with Péter Benczúr, Áron Kiss, Balázs Reizer and Mihály Szoboszlai. MNB Bulletin, Magyar Nemzeti Bank, vol. 6(3), pp. 15-27

Downward Wage Rigidity in Hungary, 2011. ECB Working Paper No 1372

Hogyan növelhető az adórendszer hatékonysága? [How can the efficiency of the tax system be increased?], 2010, with Péter Benczúr, Ágota Scharle and Balázs Váradi. MNB Occasional Paper MT88

Driving Forces Behind Changes in the Aggregate Labour Force Participation in Hungary, 2009, with Benedek Nobilis. MNB Working Paper 2009/5

Az alacsony aktivitás és foglalkoztatottság okai és következményei Magyarországon” [Causes and consequences of low participation and employment in Hungary] (ed.), 2009. MNB Occasional Paper MT79

Driving Factors of Growth in Hungary — a Decomposition Exercise, 2008, with Zoltán Wolf. MNB Working Paper 2008/6

Investment Behavior, User Cost and Monetary Policy Transmission — The Case of Hungary, 2004, with Zoltán Wolf. MNB Working Paper 2004/12

Book chapters

Microsimulation as a Tool for Assessing the Impact of Tax Changes, with Dóra Benedek and Áron Kiss. In: Kátoly Fazekas, Péter Benczúr and Álmos Telegdy (eds): The Hungarian Labour Market 2013

Labour Supply at the Extensive Margin, with Ágota Scharle. In: Kátoly Fazekas, Péter Benczúr and Álmos Telegdy (eds): The Hungarian Labour Market 2013.

The Hungarian Labour Market in 2011-2012, with Zsombor Cseres-Gergely and Béla Szörfi. In: Kátoly Fazekas, Péter Benczúr and Álmos Telegdy (eds): The Hungarian Labour Market 2013

Other writings

Potential growth: a crucial but complex concept, with Valérie Chouard and Matthieu Lequien. Focus No 13, Banque de France, March 2015

Még egy kis közgazdászkodás [Another bit of economist talk], with Péter Benczúr. IE-HAS blog, Feb. 2011

Élénkíti-e az szja csökkentés a gazdaságot? [Does income tax cut boost the eonomy?], with Péter Benczúr. Online news portal, 25 Jan. 2011

Amit nyerünk a réven, könnyen elveszthetjük a vámon [We may lose all our gains], with Mihály A. Kovács, Gábor Kátay and Béla Szörfi. Daily newspaper Napi Gazdaság, 10 Dec. 2010

Olcsóbban is növelhető a hatékonyság — vélemény az adóreformról [We can increase efficiency at a lower cost — an opinion on the tax reform]. Online news portal, 11 Oct. 2010

Az Európai Közgazdaságtudományi Egyesület (EEA) és az Ökonometriai Társaság (ES) éves európai kongresszusa [The EEA Annual Congress and the European Meeting of the Econometric Society], edited by Péter Benczúr and László Halpern, 2007, Közgazdasági Szemle, Vol. LIV, December 2007, pp. 1121-1139

A Bérhányad Hazai és Nemzetközi Összefüggései [Issues in National and International Wage Shares], with Mihály A. Kovács and Gábor Pula. Daily newspaper Világgazdaság, 2004